Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nexus 4 on Android 4.4.2 Loses Bluetooth Connection Repeatedly in Car

The Very Unfair Problem
If you want the work around - skip to the next section - I am just describing and ranting about the problem here...

After I upgraded my phone from Android 4.4.1 to 4.4.2 my Bluetooth stopped working properly. I would be in my car (2012 Hyundai Elantra), connected via Bluetooth - on a call and about 1 or 2 minutes in my call drops. I thought that was strange and possibly just a hiccup, because stuff happens... Whatever, so Bluetooth reconnects, call continues, drops again after 10 seconds, reconnects, drops again after 10 seconds, reconnects drops again... this continued indefinitely until I turned off Bluetooth. Wow - that's very strange... Restarted my phone, tried again, same result. Instant outrage because I knew immediately this was tied to the Android OS upgrade I performed the night before!

"Okay... ", I thought to myself, "Google isn't Apple so they wouldn't treat us like a bunch of suckers would they? Noooo, I'm sure they will admit they made a mistake and they will be fixing the problem promptly - I mean hell this is their flagship well known product that I bought for $320 dollars - they will make this right."

I couldn't be more wrong...

I started researching the issue and this is what I came up with:
Issue 62854
Issue 63056 - Issue 62854 was eventually merged into 63056

I tried emailing Google Play support. That went no where - they wouldn't acknowledge the problem's existence and basically blamed me saying I installed an application that caused the problem. I told them they were wrong and that all the problems started happening after I upgraded to 4.4. Then they told me to do a factory reset, I just stopped talking to them after that. I was then prompted to leave them a customer service review - I gave them a very big piece of my mind.

Want to try them yourself? Here is the contact info:

1. Click on Contact Us
2. Click on Email on the bottom left
3. Write your rant and submit

Long story short - google refuses to acknowledge the problem from their support level; and the Android developers don't care about the problem it feels like since it was marked as a small priority... Nice...

People can't use Bluetooth? Meh - small priority, who needs Bluetooth anyhow?

The Stupid Work Around to the Very Stupid and Unfair Problem
I really hate this solution because it causes other obvious problems. In order to work around this issue simply turn off your WiFi when you are using Bluetooth. *Sigh* Not the greatest solution, but at least it works. I have seen other users report this as a solution and I have been doing this for weeks now. It works consistently.

Sadly I have noticed different problems with different Bluetooth devices. Especially volume control on wireless bluetooth speakers or headphones etc...

Well here is the good news, I made a meme for the problem - hooray!

I take very big issue with paying a lot of money for a product, then the product's main features made useless by the manufacturer. Then to top it off, they won't acknowledge and/or fix the problem. I think I am going to abandon Android all together, this really just pushed me over the edge. Developing for Android is a total pain in the ass anyhow.

People have told me, "Dude just downgrade to Jellybean 4.3" or "Just root your phone and install a Cyanogen". Yeah I know I can do those things, but I didn't dick up my phone - google did. This is google's fault, google needs to fix the problem or else I don't want to be a Android consumer anymore. Push comes to shove I will just flash my phone, but blehhhhhh... I don't wanna! I just need my phone to work!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

File Name, File Path or Full File Path name is too long

The Error
The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.

The Problem
I had a little shocker yesterday while trying to publish a project. Visual Studio informed me that I had a full file path that was just too long to handle. It also told me that Windows uses a magic number of 260 characters to gauge these issues?

Unfortunate Answer
After doing a lot of digging, there is no "real" answer to this problem. There is a very unsavory solution which is to shorten your file names, reduce the number of directories you are using or rename some of your directories so the over all length is shortened. I was forced to go into TFS and rename some directories because fuck if I was going to rename my projects and its objects. This is unfair and rather ridiculous on Microsoft's part.

Taking a Stab at Microsoft
I love Microsoft and everything, but holy shit guys really? I get it - I am a programmer too and there are certain architectural decisions we made a long time ago that are biting us in the ass now, but at least some of us make more effort in solving the situation or giving their clients a goddamn work around. This is totally unprofessional. The only reason I am even having this problem is because during a publish Visual Studio 2012 is designed to copy my files to a temporary directory; which guess? INCREASES MY FILE PATH LENGTH! So it isn't even my fault! I didn't ask that my files be copied to a temporary directory!

This is the path that is being complained about:
D:\Dev\\Miscellaneous\Misc Projects\abcInternalTools\abcIntranetApplication\abcWebResourceWebApp\obj\Debug\Package\PackageTmp\Service\References\APIabcdeServiceReference\abcWebResourceWebApp.APIabcdeServiceReference.SpecificObjectNameODS.datasource

The red part is the temporary publish directory. I have almost no control over that. I found a solution to redirecting where the temporary directory is, but it involved transformations and I wasn't sure how to implement the solution. Read Here.

The blue part is a service reference is that I am using and the whole lot of that is auto generated. I have, again, almost no control over that. Can I shorten the names? Yes? However it would make the meaning very unclear and I shouldn't have to make my source code unclear so that I can be within a limitation that Microsoft set 10 years ago and they never fixed.

Where do I complain about this too?
This is the Declined Request

This is the New Request

Playing Devil's Advocate
I totally understand why Microsoft isn't tending to this problem, the quazi-bullshit answer provided says it all: We are too busy and do not care enough about your issue, as the number of people experiencing this issue on a daily is very small in comparison to literally the rest of the world. So yeah I totally understand that - but wow... Hard coded limitations. This is a very good example of WHY YOU DON'T USE MAGIC NUMBERS!!!!!!

Conclusion and Reasoning
This is why I always warn people NOT TO NEST THEIR PROJECTS TOO DEEPLY. When you are linked up to source control - make absolutely sure that you use a shallow structure. DO NOT put your root folder in your "My Documents" folder, do not use the default path that is provided by Visual Studio. Just use a very simple structure such as:
Drive:\Dev\TFSServerName\.... this is your root!